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Coating Epoxy High Viscosity (Original Coating Epoxy)

$49.00 CAD
Type: Epoxy resin

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My new favorite! A complete game changer

Deyn R
Pleasantly surprised!

I'm very new to Nerpa and it has been a pleasant surprise! No odors and very forgiving bubbles! Now I wish I had bought a much larger volume.

SKU: NCT22500K

Nerpa Polymers Coating Epoxy advantages over competitors

Nerpa Polymers Coating Epoxy is designed for coatings, crafts, arts and jewelry applications. We formulated it to be a convenient 1:1 by volume mixing ratio system with a working time of 25 minutes. Our Coating Epoxy is made responsibly with bio-based content from recycled glycerol. A medium-high viscosity, similar to liquid honey, makes it easy to achieve thick, hard, durable coats. This unique thick consistency in a liquid state is also ideal for creating amazing patterns in your resin art project with Nerpa Liquid Colourants, as it offers more freedom for colour manipulation and blending.

Key features:

  • No nonylphenol content. Safe for home use
  • Simple 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Slightly longer working time for stress-free resin art, geode and other applications
  • Two-stage synergistic UV protection
  • Increased heat resistance
  • Optical Clarity
  • Resistant to blushing
Mixing Ratio 1:1 by volume
1.15:1 by weight
Appearance Clear, viscous liquid
Intended application Coatings, crafts, small castings (up to 100mL), geode art, resin art
Working temperature 22-27°C
Mixed Viscosity 2500 cP.
Coverage 8-10 sq.ft/1L
Working Time (100g mix) 25 min.
Pot Life (100g mix) 55 min.
Gel Time (100g mix) 68 min.
Minimum Recoat Time (50 mil coat) 6 h.
Set To Touch (50 mil coat) 8 h.
Dry Through Time (50 mil coat) 18 h.
Ready For Sanding (50 mil coat) 20 h.
Hardness  80+ Shore D
Bio-content (resin) ≥26%

For the best experience, we recommend warming up your epoxy kit to 22-27°C before use. You can also use a propane torch or heat gun to remove the air bubbles.

Our epoxy is made responsibly.

Nerpa Polymers uses a complex approach to manufacturing our resins. Our company employs sustainable methods for producing our resins, such as a zero chemical waste policy with no solvent-free resin manufacturing and equipment maintenance. Our Coating Epoxy is made responsibly using a by-product of bio-diesel production - plant-based glycerol. Coating Epoxy resin contains 26% of annually renewable carbon. Learn more.

Nonylphenol free

We use a post-manufacturing treatment process to accelerate our Coating Epoxy's reactivity and cure speed without using potentially toxic nonylphenol and catalysts in our product. Read more about nonylphenol and why we decided not to use it in our blog

UV protection

Nerpa Polymers Coating Epoxy is stabilized with a two-step complimentary UV protection sequence. It is based on preventing initial damage to cured resin by absorbing harsh UV light and not letting it reach the molecular structure, followed by the second step of neutralization of unwanted radicals capable of damaging the molecular network. Read more about our approach to UV protection in our blog.