About us

Our mission is to be transparent and authentic with our products and how we achieve the result. For a long time, we have been seeing statements like "the best epoxy," "the safest resin," and "the greenest approach." Our chemistry and chemical engineering background allowed us to deconstruct these statements and determine where they are misleading and serve the sole purpose of increasing sales. The idea of transparent epoxy manufacturing process inspired us to develop Nerpa Polymers Epoxies. Starting as a small company based in Calgary, Canada, we formulate and manufacture our products in-house.

We are a small business; we want to be different from the myriad of self-proclaimed "industry leaders." We believe that our passion for manufacturing high-quality materials coupled with expertise in chemistry and engineering is the recipe for success. Our company's ultimate goal is not to pursue the percentage increase in sales from year to year, but to build a sustainable corporation, where innovation leads to manufacturing of environmentally friendly materials and exceptional customer service helps you to create your dream project. Our employees are the key to any developments and successes. 

We continuously work on expanding our product line so that you could bring any possible idea to life.