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About us

Our mission is to uphold transparency and authenticity in our products and our processes. The market is saturated with statements like "the best epoxy," "the safest resin," and "the greenest approach." However, our background in chemistry and chemical engineering has enabled us to dissect these claims and uncover their often misleading intent to boost sales. This inspired us to create Nerpa Polymers, initiating a transparent epoxy manufacturing process.

Established in Calgary, Canada, we started as a small enterprise formulating and manufacturing our products in-house. Our aspiration is not to become another one of the countless self-proclaimed "industry leaders," but to differentiate ourselves through our passion for producing high-quality materials, supported by our technical expertise.

We're not solely fixated on year-to-year sales growth. Instead, our ultimate aim is to build a sustainable organization where innovation drives the production of environmentally friendly materials. We believe in offering exceptional customer service to assist you in realizing your dream project. Our team—our most valuable asset—remains key to our continual growth and success.

As we strive for progress, we're committed to expanding our product line, thereby empowering you to bring any idea to life.