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Nerpa Polymers team follow a complex approach to fostering sustainability in our products:

  • Bio-based materials in epoxies and colourants 

Usage of components derived from plants such as glycerol allows our products to become a part of the movement away from the dependence on fossil fuels. Bio-based materials are far less abundant than standard chemical precursors; we believe that our decision to opt for bio-based raw materials will contribute to further research of sustainable synthesis pathways.

  • Zero chemical waste policy

Our manufacturing site does not release any chemical waste in any form. All of the raw materials that are being used in the manufacturing process are 100% utilized. 

  • Containers from the raw materials are recycled and reused

Our team implemented a process where no containers used for storing raw materials are disposed of after single use. All containers undergo treatment processes to be reused or recycled in order to avoid unnecessary plastic and metal waste.

  • No solvents are used for our equipment maintenance 

Our equipment is maintained without the solvents such as acetone, toluene or MEK. These solvents are often used for cleaning parts of equipment that were in contact with liquid resin. Nerpa Polymers equipment maintenance is done with zero VOC, 100% biodegradable replacement of MEK. 

  • Ongoing R&D in using recycled plastics 

Historically, most of the resins are made from crude oil. Nerpa Polymers team found a way to make our products more sustainable by using bio-based materials in our formulations. Today bio content in our resins is 25-30%. To increase bio-content even more, we would have to sacrifice the performance of our products such as colour stability, hardness and durability. However, we found a potential way to keep the outstanding properties of our products while making them even more sustainable. This will be achieved by using recycled materials as starting point for synthesis of epoxy resins. We committed to achieve 90+% of our formulations to be made with the combination bio-based sources and recycled plastics by 2026. 

  • Donations to not-for-profit organizations addressing environmental causes
Nerpa Polymers is committed to spend percentage of the total sales to fund local and international organizations fighting environmental issues such as rapid deforestation and desertification in South and North Americas. 

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