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Casting Epoxy Lite

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Mel U
Casting light epoxy

I absolutely love this
easy to work with and crystal clear

Len Wasik
Casting Epoxy Lite

I have been using various brands of epoxies for 10 years and suffer allergic reactions to some.
I have not encountered that Nerpa products.
I especially like the clarity of the Casting Lite.
Highly recommend to everyone!

SKU: NC230750K
Casting Epoxy Lite combines key features such as low viscosity, excellent optical transparency, advanced UV protection reduced demolding time.  All of these packed into a biobased epoxy!

We are excited to present another member of our epoxy resin family — the Nerpa Polymers Casting Epoxy Lite. Specifically formulated for small projects with a maximum thickness of one inch, our novel epoxy resin system ensures optimal results while minimizing curing time. What sets this product apart is its unique viscosity reducer, made entirely of 100% bioglycerol-based molecules, which results in a smoother and easier pouring process. With Nerpa Polymers Casting Epoxy Lite, your small projects were never easier to make!

Key features:

  • Low mixed viscosity for efficient air-release
  • Colourimetry certification passed raw materials to ensure consistent optical clarity
  • Shielded from rapid yellowing in sunlight through a two-stage complementary UV protection and usage of the components that do not absorb UV light
  • Accelerator-free controlled cure delivers the best results without harmful additives

One of the key features of this epoxy is its low viscosity, which ensures a smooth and consistent finish and makes it easy to work with. Additionally, low viscosity helps with air release during the curing process, resulting in a flawless and bubble-free final result. With a quick curing time of only 24 to 48 hours (depending on the total volume, the shape of the project and ambient conditions), it's perfect for those who want to get their projects done quickly.

Mixing Ratio 2:1 by volume
2.27:1 by weight
Appearance (mixed) clear, low-viscosity liquid
Intended application castings 0.25"-1" thick
Working temperature 20-25°C
Mixed Viscosity 360-400 cP.
Working Time (1.0" thick 2L pour) 60 min.
Pot Life (1.0" thick 2L pour) 4 h.
Set To Touch (1.0" thick 2L pour) 20 h.
Ready For Sanding
24-48 h. (depending on the ambient conditions and thickness of the epoxy layer)
Hardness  80+ Shore D
Bio-Content (resin) ≥38%

Nerpa Polymers Casting Epoxy Lite utilizes two-stage UV protection paired with the addition of components resistant to UV light exposure, ensuring that your projects will be protected from the sun's harmful rays and maintain their vibrant colour over time. The faster exothermic reaction of this epoxy is an advantage, allowing for a shorter curing time and quicker completion of your projects. Alternatively, If you're looking for a slower curing time and thicker than 1" layers of resin, we recommend using our original Casting Epoxy.