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Casting Epoxy

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Type: Epoxy resin

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Deborah Simanella
Love it

I really love how this epoxy has no odor, and the bubble release is great! I use it for casting flowers. It's very gentle on them and doesn't create colour change like other epoxies sometimes do. The customer service is really great, very informative and helpful. I would totally recommend this product.


This has been the most bubble free resin I've ever tried! Nerpa is my new go to! I love that you use recycled polymers and your Canadian!! Super big bonuses for me!

SKU: NC22750K
Nerpa Polymers Casting Epoxy key features

Nerpa Casting Epoxy is a crystal-clear, low viscosity, UV-protected system formulated specifically for woodworking and crafting projects requiring prolonged curing time. This formulation is best for applications requiring a 1"-2" thick epoxy pour, such as river tables, encapsulations and dioramas. Our Casting Epoxy is made responsibly with bio-based content from recycled glycerol. This system has three key differences from other similar products on the market:

Key features:

  • Very low mixed viscosity for best-in-class air release in deep pours
  • Colourimetry certification passed raw materials to ensure consistent optical clarity. We never use technical-grade raw materials with a yellow hue
  • Your project is shielded from rapid yellowing in sunlight through a two-stage synergistic UV protection.
Mixing Ratio 2:1 by volume
2.33:1 by weight
Appearance (mixed) clear, low viscosity liquid
Intended application castings 1"-2" thick
Working temperature 20-25°C
Mixed Viscosity 215-250 cP.
Working Time (1.5" thick 10L pour) 60 min.
Pot Life (1.5" thick 10L pour) 5 h.
Set To Touch (1.5" thick 10L pour) 20 h.
Ready For Sanding
24-72 h. (depending on the ambient conditions and thickness of the epoxy layer)
Hardness  80+ Shore D
Bio-Content (resin) ≥28%

Our epoxy is made responsibly

Nerpa Polymers uses a complex approach to manufacturing our resins. Our company employs sustainable methods for producing our resins, such as a zero chemical waste policy with no solvent-free resin manufacturing and equipment maintenance. Our Casting Epoxy is made responsibly using a by-product of bio-diesel production plant-based glycerol. Casting Resin contains 28% of annually renewable carbon. Learn more.

Extremely low viscosity

The result of our R&D work is one of the best flowing epoxies on the market. The low viscosity of only 215-250cP is achieved without using solvents and additives compromising the cured properties of the material. Worry less about bubbles in your project!

UV protection

We stabilize our epoxy resin with a two-step complimentary UV protection sequence. This concept is based on preventing initial damage to cured resin by the absorbance of the UV light with UV absorbing molecules that trap the light of 360-400nm, followed by the second step of neutralization of unwanted radicals capable of damaging the molecular network. Read more about our approach to UV protection in our blog.