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Coating Epoxy Medium Viscosity

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Blaine Daum
Very easy to use!

Wonderful product, takes the colours extremely well. I found it easy to mix since it is a 1:1 volume mix. It levels nicely with the viscosity level of the product. I would recommend this product.

david parent
Completely impressed

I sent a review before and still stand by it. Product is consistent in it's quality as well as low odor. I use it on my artwork as a final finish coat. Typical care needs to be taken to remove bubbles.

SKU: NCT230500K
Coating Epoxy Medium Viscosity is made without nonylphenol and hazardous catalysts. It combines the excellent clarity with superior mechanical properties when cured.

Nerpa Polymers Coating Epoxy Medium Viscosity is specially formulated for tabletop coatings, crafts, arts, and jewelry applications, and is perfect for those looking for a more fluid and easy-to-use coating resin.

Key features:

  • Nonylphenol-free formula is a safer option for your health
  • All raw materials passed the colourimetry certification for unparalleled optical clarity
  • Significant bio-based content derived from recycled by-products of bio-diesel production
  • Innovative 100% bioglycerol-based viscosity reducer that does not affect cured material properties such as hardness or heat resistance
  • Crystallization resistance = no cloudy liquid that can ruin your project

Our Coating Epoxy Medium Viscosity offers a 1:1 by volume mixing ratio, making it easy and familiar to work with, and a working time of 25 minutes, giving you enough time to create your desired effect without stress. And like our original Coating Epoxy, the new system is made responsibly using bio-based content from recycled glycerol.

In addition to its lower viscosity, this resin system also features two-stage UV protection, increased heat resistance, and optical clarity, making it a durable and long-lasting option for your projects. It also has a built-in resistance to blushing (tacky spots and wax-like film on the surface of cured epoxy), ensuring your final result will have a stunning finish.

Mixing Ratio 1:1 by volume
1.18:1 by weight
Appearance (mixed) clear, medium viscosity liquid
Intended application Self-levelling coatings, resin art, tabletop and bartop refinishing, small-volume castings (up to 100mL)
Working temperature 20-25°C
Coverage 8-10 sq.ft/L
Mixed Viscosity 1000-1300 cP.
Working Time (200mL paint pail) 25 min.
Pot Life (200mL paint pail) 40 min.
Set To Touch (40 mils thick coat) 15 h.
Ready For Sanding
24 h. (depending on the ambient conditions and thickness of the epoxy layer)
Hardness  80+ Shore D
Bio-Content (resin) ≥38%