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Pearlescent Pigments

$12.00 CAD
Colour - Meta Blue

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Gulnaz Valiullina
Pearless pigments

All pigments are nice, mixing well and look good on epoxy resin!

Jillian Walsh

On my second time ordering, I was curious to try the pigments. I got the pearlescent and grey one. A little go a lot further than I thought. The pigment colors look amazing, blend nicely and are an excellent value compared to others I have tried. I have worked with 4 other epoxy resins in the past, but by far, the nerpa products are higher quality. I tried a cheaper brand after my 1st nerpa order, what a mistake. Nerpa was crystal clear, no bubbles and easy to work with (brushing it & self leveling worked well). . Highly recommend (I buy and use the coating epoxy) love it.


Nerpa Polymers Pearlescent Colour Pigments are designed to accentuate your resin art with distinctive effects that only your imagination can create. An extra depth and detail our powdered pigments offer to your epoxy art or deep pour are based on a phenomenon called "pearlescence."  The light that shines on the pigment goes through a series of alterations before being reflected and observed. These alterations create a magnitude of shine and lustre effects that bring extra detail to your art or craft.

Nerpa Polymers Pearlescent Colour Pigments Palette

Our pigments are made from minerals whose outstanding characteristic is that an individual mineral crystal can be easily split into tiny elastic plates and then coated with various iron oxide pigments. These particles are less than 60 microns in diameter and only 0.5 microns thick. The particle size distribution is tight enough to ensure a uniform oxide coating across all the mineral plates, which helps boost colour intensity and pearlescent sheen in your projects.